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Are you feeling ready to give up on your dog with your high demands at work and with the family?

Often feel guilty sat at your desk while your dog is home alone?

Fed up of feeling “you aren’t good enough”?

Are work commitments increasing meaning you end the day pleased to be home but dread getting back out there in the dark and cold to walk the dog?

Do you have a dog that needs regular grooming but don’t want to give up your Saturday to simply fit in when your local salon is open?

Are you travelling to find a high quality groomer and then waiting around while your dog is being groomed?

Is your dog so stressed by the experience of going to a grooming salon meaning you avoid it at the overall well-being of your dog?


We’ve helped lots of hard working dog owners, just like you, learn to enjoy every moment they spend with their dogs; who NO longer worry when at work whilst their dog is home alone, in fact quite the opposite, their dogs are out having a blast with us!

If you are reading this and really could do with that little bit of extra support, feel free to get in touch.


We won’t judge you, we won’t talk jargon and we’re never pushy.

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