Dog Walking

Team Dog has been providing expert care for dog owners in Southampton since 2017.


We own and love dogs, we love the outdoors and we are passionate about helping busy owners by providing a safe yet stimulating experience for their dogs.


We help lots of hard-working of dog owners, just like you, who NO longer worry while their dog is home alone. In fact, quite the opposite, their dog is out having a blast with us!

Our Approach

​We engage in fun games that tap into your dog’s natural instincts, such as its sense of smell, thereby balancing your dogs needs for physical exercise and mental stimulation, the end result being a much calmer and well-rounded dog. We actively discourage dogs playing boisterously, barking excessively and encourage overall good manners while in our care.


Calmness is king


If you are looking for the odd walk here and there, you’ve come to the wrong place, but if you are looking for the best for your dog while you work and are committed to regular weekly support from one of our team ……then we’re here to help!

1 Dog


2 Dogs

(Same Household)


3 Dogs

(Same Household)


Dog Walking Prices

Free Dog Walking Consultation

Before any service begins a dog walking consultation is arranged at the owner’s home to conduct a full assessment of the dog’s likes, dislikes, needs, behaviour, and training (quality of recall for example). 


Once both parties agree to start the service the owner will be asked to sign our terms & conditions. 


Team Dog are professional, trustworthy, reliable and provide much more than just dog walking. Rob & Taz have an extensive knowledge of dog behaviour & training, which they use to understand and get the best from your dog. Our border collie, Jake, is besotted with both Rob & Taz! Jake has gone for 3x weekly walks for over a year. Throughout that time Team Dog have been excellent. Border collies can be quirky and reactive, but Rob & Taz know exactly how to deal with unpredictable canine behaviour in a positive, kind & effective way. We have been really impressed with the service Team Dog provide. Their regular photos & videos of walks are a great way for you to see how happy your dog is when out on their wonderful woodland walks. The dog groups are calm & work in harmony, due to Rob’s careful planning: Rob will group dogs according to their temperament, so that all the dogs have fun & can enjoy a good walk together.

We highly recommend Team Dog.

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