​Terms and Conditions

Rates and Payment

  1. The current rate for dog walking is £13 per walk (this includes a 1 hour walk plus travel time). Two dogs from the same household the current rate is £20 per walk or three dogs from the same household the current rate is £25 per walk.

  2. Team Dog also offers clients a Day Care Option, the current rate is £26 (this includes 2 hours of walking plus travel time).

  3. These rates will be reviewed on an annual basis and any changes in rates will be communicated to clients by January, 4 weeks’ notice will be given.

  4. Team Dog offers its walking service to clients with a minimum of three walks or two daycare days per week.

  5. A fixed monthly amount will be agreed in advance with the client based on 4 weeks in each month.



  1. 4 weeks’ notice period is required by either party to cancel the contract.

  2. Any default on payment will result in immediate cancellation of the contract unless a delayed payment has been discussed and agreed with Team Dog.


Security and Keys

  1. Team Dog are not responsible for any accident or injury to your dog or property when we are not in your house.

  2. Please inform Team Dog of any video cameras/additional security measures in place. In the event of failing to do so, we have the right to terminate the contract.

  3. For safety purposes, Team Dog staff members will always have a phone on them during service.

  4. If you have any additional security measures, please inform us before the service takes place.



  1. The client is responsible for any veterinary bills, regardless of how they are incurred, whilst your dog is in the care of Team Dog.

  2. Team Dog medical history and allergy forms should be completed and signed prior to walking arrangements.


Behavioural/Training Issues

  1. Team Dog must be alerted to any behavioural problems with your dog/s at the time of booking. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the contract.

  2. All behavioural issues and/or training requirements will be discussed during the initial Team Dog consultation. Please note that dog training is not included in this service but can be requested and agreed on an ad hoc basis (in addition to any dog walking services).

  3. Please inform us of any likes/dislikes or fears/phobias your dog has prior to walking arrangements.


Emergency Contact

  1. The client must provide Team Dog with two names and contact numbers of people who are authorised by the client to make decisions relating to the dog in case of an emergency.

  2. If the contact/s cannot be reached, Team Dog reserves the right to consult with a veterinary surgeon and decide a course of action in the best interests of the dog.

    1. Team Dog are not liable for any vet fees incurred in these circumstances.


Equipment/household supplies

  1. The client must provide all items necessary for the dog in the absence of the client, including food, medication, leads, tags, and collars.


Public Liability

  1. Team Dog holds full Public Liability insurance; however, dogs should also be adequately insured by the client. Team Dog reserves the right to refuse a booking for any dog which is not insured.



  1. Team Dog will endeavor to care for your dog as you would and, whilst we will make every effort to ensure that your dog is well looked after in your absence, Team Dog cannot be held liable for any loss, injury or death to the dog, either inside or outside of the home, whilst in our care.



  1. Team Dog will take (and retain) photographs of the dog/s to demonstrate our services. At no point will these pictures feature the owners, their family or their homes (in such a way that could result in a compromise the security of the premises). If you would prefer that Team Dog did not retain such pictures, please indicate this on the contract.

  2. Team Dog will often post photos of your dog/s on Social Media. Please inform us if you do not want any of your dog’s photos shared.


Legislation and safety

  1. In accordance with the control of Dogs Order 1922, dogs should wear a collar with the name and address (including postcode) of the owner engraved or written on it. A telephone number is optional but advisable. Failure to do so may result in a fine, which the dog owner will be liable for.

  2. Team Dog reserves the right to cancel the contract (at any time & with immediate effect) if any dog/s under the contract do not respond well to the dog walker/s or other dogs (where the continuing of said contract is deemed, by Team Dog, to constitute a risk).


Trial period

  1. Team Dog operates a trial period of one month during which the contract may be terminated with 1 weeks’ notice by either party.


Walk requirements

  1. All dogs will be exercised on a lead unless a prior agreement has been reached with Team Dog and the disclaimer section of the contract has been signed.

  2. Team Dog operates walking session slots. Please discuss times of walk at the initial consultation. We try where possible to walk your dogs within a requested allocated time on a first come first basis, however, due to traffic and dogs being walked we can never guarantee any specific times. Therefore, we always give an hour window within your suggested walking/pick up time.

  3. Dogs will be walked in a group of a maximum of six.

  4. Dogs will be picked up and transported to a safe walking location. The duration of the walk (not including travel time) will be 60 minutes.

  5. All dogs will be transported in a secure van and will be individually crated for their safety, please inform us if your dog has any travel sickness history.

  6. The walker will apply personal judgment and cut short a walk, if necessary, because of extreme weather conditions; including but not limited to excessive heat, torrential rain, thunderstorms, and snow/ice. The decision to do so lays with the judgment of the walker, for the safety of themselves, members of the public, and the dogs in his/her care.

  7. If the dog requires toweling off after walks, towels must be provided and left by the front door. We towel-dry dogs after a walk, however, cannot guarantee that all mud traces will be removed. We recommend protecting household items such as sofas or providing extra covers on these items or having a separate area to keep dogs in after a walk.